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Rebel Rebel (2015)

Director & DoP: Mihai Bauman, Alexandru Belc

Producer: Ilinca Micu

“REBEL, REBEL” offers fragmentary glimpses of the fascinating universe of two highly authentic teenage girls who prefer spending their time with boys and being separated from their parents. Delia and Silvia stand out from other kids their age.

rebel rebel


Mohamed Tomescu (2014)

Director: Olesya Bortnyak 

Director of photography: Norbert Fodor

Editor: Răzvan Ilinca

Passionate about hip-hop and raised by his grandmother in Vama village, in Suceava county, Mohamed Tomescu wants to change his name and get rid of its Syrian association, but he cannot face his father in this matter. His already cold relationship with his father is transformed into a weaker one as a result of this desire. With a cinema vérité approach, the camera makes its presence felt and the music plays an important part in the hip-hop improvisation scenes. 

mohamed tomescu


Brick in the wall (2013)

Director: Gregorz Brzozowsky

Director of photography: Ioana Țurcan

Editor: Iulia Matei

“Brick in the Wall” is a story about a family who’ve been trying to finish building their house for the past 30 years. The woman struggles to lead a normal life in the shadow of an uncompleted dream, while her husband very slowly continues a never ending construction. Why does it need to take a lifetime to build a home?

Brick in the wall


Japanese Quince Three (2011)

Director: Mara Trifu

Director of photography: Radu Gorgos

Editor: Paula Oneț

Production Coordinator: Biljana Dolevska

At a certain age, is hard enough to remember what you did yesterday. At 90 it really doesn’t matter.You keep on going with either reluctance, or abandon. What seems important, are the little things at hand, a flower, a cat, a crystal glass, a tree, and scattered glimpses into the remembered past that always tend to help. A bitter-sweet look into the freshness of the fleeing moments embodied in our present perfect continuous life. No matter the age.

gutuiul japonez

Quest (2010)

Director: Ionuț Pițurescu

Director of photography: Adrianna Dunin

Editor: Bogdan Palici, Ionuț Pițurescu

Two nomad coopers, with a carriage for a house and a horse for a friend, fare from one village another, merrily striving to make ends meet. No cumbersome belongings, not even a watch, but they still have the time. Misplaced and disregarded, with skills hardly needed anymore, they keep on looking for means and meanings, or the lack of them. In this marginal existence, that would make Zola exalt, there are touching reminiscences of a long forgotten time. What time is it, what time?



Summer with mosquitoes (2010)

Director: Agnieszka Kowalczyk

Director of photography: Marius Apopei

Editor: Tomas Potocny

Production Coordinator: Julianna Borzsei

Smell of flowers, sounds of carriages and caress of the wind. Few elements of a film that presents the story of a little girl. She has to leave her home village because there is no proper education for her. She leaves the innocent childhood behind herself and faces the cruel reality of being alone. The documentary made by an international team describes the everyday life of an old village and a small girl’s way of becoming adult.

summer with mosquitoes


EMIL (2008)

Director: Emanuel Vasiliu

Director of photography: Dario Pikulic

Editor: Sara Haragonics 

Production Coordinator: Anca Mureșan

A senior living in the Romanian town of Sibiu, Emil spends most of his time taking care of his blind mother, a former school teacher. She had named him after Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s title character of Emile, Or On Education, ascribing the values of a natural upbringing which retains innate human goodness. Emil has two grown-up children, his son, Andrei, having to choose between a sportsman and a businessman’s career.



Bar de zi and other stories (2007)

Director: Corina Radu

Director of photography: Dragan S Nikolic

Editor: Bogdana Pascal

Production Coordinator: Ruxandra Butica

Regular people living in a regular neighborhood. Through a series of portraits, the film traces the daily history of the Downhill City of Sibiu. Without spectacular plots and without romantic-like subjects, just samples of regular life.
Thriving or failing people, who live with or without regrets…
A puzzle that shapes us a specific world.

bar de zi si alte povestiri


Director: Adina Pintilie

Director of photography: Sorin Gociu

Editor: Ligia Smarandache

They are not exactly friends, just bound to live together. Ocsy sweeps the church steps every day, always in a suit and tie, and has a chat with an extremely obedient God. Alex has a genuine passion for science, an adequate diet and a breakthrough invention on the way. They often argue, but their aim is one: to help mankind. Abel feeds everyone and, if need be, changes their diapers. Ignat moves stones from left to right, then from right to left. 

dont get me wrong

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